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Because the size of We is not Same

"As the shoes we wear, each leg has a size
poultice impose small to big palms will hurt
impose big shoes to small poultice troublesome
legs comfortable in his shoes will be lined-tidy "A big tall man running around in the middle of the field. That afternoon, as the sun brought closer to an inch. Burning sand, twigs lit in harsh wind and heat. And he was still running. The man covered his face from the blowing sand with a turban, chasing and herding a young camel.
In the pasture not far away, stands a private windowless hut. The owner, 'Uthman ibn' Affan, was resting as he chanted the Koran, with menyanding cool water and fruits. When she saw the man nan run it and know it,
"Mashallah" 'Uthman exclaimed, "Is not that the Commander of the Faithful ?!"
Yes, a big tall man was' Umar ibn Al-Khattab.
"O Commander of the Faithful!" Shouted `Uthman mightily from dangaunya door,
"What are you doing this ferocious winds? Come here! "
The walls loom up beside Uthman loud crackling in the wind rushing.
"A camel zakat apart from the herd. I'm afraid God will ask me. I'll get him. Come O 'Uthman! "' Umar shouted from a distance. His voice echoed bersiponggang meet all the valley and the hills in the field.
"Come here!" Exclaimed 'Uthman, "I'll have my maid caught it for you!".
"No!", Replied 'Umar,' Come in 'Uthman! Come in! "
"By Allah, O Commander of the Faithful, come here, God willing, we'll get the camel's back."
"No, this is my responsibility. Come thee O 'Uthman, the wind grew louder, the sand storm raged! "
The faster winds carry sand grains smoldering. 'Uthman went inside and closed the door dangaunya. He leaned behind and muttering,
"By Allah, He and His Messenger is true. You are indeed like Moses. A strong longer reliable. "
'Umar did not' Uthman. Pun versa. They are different, and each is unique with distinctive character possessed.'Umar, the usual wrestling champ in Ukazh, grew up in the middle of the sons of Makhzum nan nan loud & Adi male descendants, now leads the believers. The properties were -keras, manly, resolute, responsible and lightweight hand down the rink - brought 'Umar, became the hallmark of leadership.
'Uthman, shy man, dear child clan, came from the family of the descendants' Umayyad wealthy and accustomed to living comfortably Sentausa. 'Umar knew it. Then unsolicited 'Uthman go down to the sting of the sun with him chasing runaway zakat camel. No. It was not the habit of 'Uthman. Sense of shame being beautiful morality. Refinement of jewelry. Generosity is so soul. If 'Uthman sent his slave so that zakat camel chase; Sure freed slave for God and dibekalinya piled dinar.
That 'Umar. And here 'Uthman. They are different.
However, Anas ibn Malik testified that 'Uthman tried hard to emulate most noble behavior' Umar extent the range itself. Life is simple when it served as caliph for example.
"One day I saw 'Uthman giving the sermon at the pulpit of the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam in the Prophet's Mosque," said Anas. "I'm counting the patches in a turban and robe 'Uthman," Anas continued, "And I found no less than thirty-two stitches."
In the embrace of brotherhood, we have no measures were similar. We have a different background. Then the main acts that should we have is; do not measure people by our own clothes, or clothes belonging to another character again.
In ukhuwah embrace every human remains himself. Nobody has the right to force his neighbor to be whoever did exist in her mind.
In the embrace of brotherhood, give sincere advice to the brother who was given the mandate to lead the people. But do not overload by comparing him constantly to 'Umar ibn' Abdul 'Aziz.
In the embrace of brotherhood, give advice to the brothers who were entrusted wealth. But do not burden him with the way the story always mention berinfaqnya 'Abdurrahman ibn' Awf.
In the embrace of brotherhood, give advice brother who was awarded the science. But do not make it feel heavy to sue in order to become Zaid ibn Thabit who controlled THAT Hebrew within fourteen days.
It's wise not require someone to be someone else in the same era, moreover sued for the right as another character in a different era. 'Ali ibn Abi Talib never been treated so, has the answer crushing and funny.
"Back in the days of Caliph Abu Bakr and 'Umar' the man said to 'Ali," The situation is so tranquil, peaceful and blessed. Why in the kekhalifahanmu, O Commander of the Faithful, the situation is so chaotic and broken? "
"Because," said Ali, smiling, "At the time of Abu Bakr and 'Umar, people like me.As for this in my time, people just like you! "
In the embrace of brotherhood, all brilliance Salaf generation exists for us emulate. But do not insist others behave just like Abu Bakr, 'Umar,' Uthman or 'Ali.
As Prophet did not ask Sa'd ibn Abi Waqqas performing the role of Abu Bakr, fahamilah deeply individual. The rest make ourselves as the most eligible person to emulate them. Insist on yourself to behave as the salafush Salih and after it unnecessary heartache if other friends did not follow.
For example still requires others to also be an example, will lose the meaning of the example itself. Then we become an isolated example in the embrace of brotherhood.
He was the role model who understand that each heart has a tendency, each body had clothes, and each foot has a shoe. Exemplary unconditional and silent will bring peace. Keteladannya in peace too will be a follow-up of all time.
Furthermore, we must learn to accept that the other person's perspective is also a legitimate viewpoint. As a fellow believer, differences in things not humanno longer separated as "the Truth" and "falsehood". The proper term is "sowab" and "khatha".
The forging of a similar experience not to be making much more different between one another.
Absolutely convinced us with what we understand, it was not supposed to make us blinded from the truth that is more luminous.
Imam ash-Shafi'i has stated it beautifully. "What I think is right," he said, "but may contain errors. As for the opinion of others is wrong, but it could be a grain of truth. "
all my love,Salim A. Fillah

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