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The story of Uwais Al Qorni - Not People Earth

In Yemen, there lived a young man named Uwais Al Qarni leper, his mottled. Although disabled, he is a pious young man and very dedicated to her mother. Her mother is an elderly woman who was paralyzed. Uwais always took care of his mother and meets all requests. Only one tall order he granted it."My son, maybe Mom would soon be together with you, so that Mom can ikhtiarkan pilgrims," ​​pleaded his mother. Uwais pensive, the journey to Mecca is far past the hot barren desert. People usually use the camel and bring plenty of supplies. However Uwais very poor and do not have a vehicle.
Uwais kept thinking to find a way out. Then, dibelilah seeokar calf, approximately to what the calf? Not possible to go Haji ride bulls. Olala, turned out to Uwais make a cage at the top of the hill.
Every morning he was back and forth carrying the calf up and down hills. "Uwais Uwais crazy .. crazy ..." said the people. Well, it's odd behavior indeed Uwais.
Never a day passes he carried bull ride down the hill. Makin day the calf grew, and the greater the power needed Uwais. But because the exercises every day, enlarged calf was not felt anymore.
After 8 months passed, came the Hajj season. Ox Uwais has reached 100 kg, as well as her growing muscle Uwais. He became a strong lifting. Now people know what the purpose Uwais carrying bulls every day. It turns out he was training to carry his mother.
Uwais mother cradling walk from Yemen to Mecca! Subhan Allah, how great a love Uwais his mother. He was willing to travel long distances and difficult, in order to fulfill her mother's wishes.
Uwais marched carrying her tawaf at the Ka'bah. His mother moved and tears have seen Baitullah. In front of the Kaaba, the mother and child to pray. "O Allah, forgive all the sins of the mother," Uwais said. "What sins?" his mother asked, surprised. Uwais said, "With Mother terampunnya sin, then I will go to heaven. Suffice blessing of the mother would take me to heaven."
Subhan Allah, that keinganan Uwais sincere and loving. Allah also gave gifts, Uwais instantly healed sopaknya. Just behind the white dots ditengkuknya. Do you know what the wisdom of the sphere are left in the nape? it is a sign to Umar bin Khattab and Ali ibn Abi Talib, the two prominent companions of the Prophet Muhammad to recognize Uwais.
He deliberately sought both Uwais around the Kaaba because Rasulullah SAW said 'At times you will be born a man whose prayers are very fulfilled. You both go looking for him. He will come from the direction of Yemen, he grew up in Yemen. He will appear in your age, look for him. When he met her for help both for you both. "
"God forbid upon you, ungodly mothers and disclaims any duty, and ask that is not right, and kill the child alive, and God hates you a lot of talk, and a lot to ask similarly squandered (scatter wealth)." (HR. Bukhari and Muslim)
Young man called Uwais Al-Qarni. He lived in the land of Yemen. Uwais is a famous devotee, his life was very poor. Uwais Al-Qarni was an orphan. His father had long died. He lived with his mother who is old again paralyzed. In fact, her eyes had been blinded. Except her mother, Uwais no longer have family relatives at all.
In his daily life, Uwais Al-Qarni work for a living by herding sheep people during the day. Their wages sufficient for living by his mother. When there is an excess, sometimes he used to help his neighbors who live in poverty and deprivation as she and her mother. So Uwais Al-Qarni work every day.
Uwais Al-Qarni famous as an obedient son to his mother and pious. Uwais Al-Qarni often fasting. When night falls, he always prayed to God's instructions. How sad heart Uwais Al-Qarni each saw neighbor who just came from Medina. They have met with the Prophet Muhammad, while he himself had never met the Prophet. The news of the Battle of Uhud that caused the Prophet Muhammad received injuries and broken teeth as stoned by his enemies, was also heard by Uwais Al-Qarni. Uwais immediately knocking her teeth with a stone until broken. This was done as an expression of his love for the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, even though he had never met him. Days passed, and longing to see the Prophet Uwais deepened. His heart always wondered, when she can meet the Prophet and looked at his face up close? He longs to hear the voice of the Prophet, longing for faith.
But is not he have a mother who was elderly and blind, lame anyway? How could he bear to leave it that way? His heart is always restless. Day and night, his mind filled with longing look at the face of the Prophet Muhammad.
Finally, the longing for the Prophet that had been buried there can be withheld longer. One day he came toward her mother, unload hatinyadan ask for permission for his mother to be allowed to go to see the Prophet in Medina. Mother Uwais Al-Qarni although already aged, was moved by when he heard her plea. He understand the feeling of Uwais Al-Qarni, saying, "Go O Uwais, my son! Meet the Prophet in his house. And when it has met with the Prophet, immediately you return home. "
How happy hearts Uwais Al-Qarni heard his mother's words. Soon he was packing up to leave. However, he did not forget to prepare the purposes of his mother he would leave, and advised the neighbors to be able to accompany her while he was gone. After saying good-bye as she kissed her mother, departed Uwais Al-Qarni to Medina.
Ai-Qarni Uwais Go to MadinahAfter a long journey, finally Uwais Al-Qarni arrived in the city of Medina. Soon she was looking for a home Prophet Muhammad. Once he found the Prophet's house, knocked on the door while saying hello, someone came out as he returned his greeting. Soon Uwais Al-Qarni asked the Prophet wanted to meet. But apparently the Prophet was not at home, he was in the battlefield. Uwais Al-Qarni can only be met with Siti Aisyah ra, wife of the Prophet. How disappointed heart Uwais. From a distance he came to meet directly with the Prophet, but the Prophet can not be met.
Inwardly Uwais Al-Qarni churning feeling of wanting to wait for the arrival of the Prophet on the battlefield. But when was the Prophet's home? While still ringing in his ears messages elderly mother and sickly, so he quickly returned to Yemen, "you must quickly go home".
Finally, because of his obedience to his mother, his mother's message beat conscience and willingness to wait and meet with the Prophet. Because it is not possible, Uwais Al-Qarni was forced to say goodbye to Siti Aisyah ra to soon return to Yemen, he just entrusts his greetings to the Prophet. After that, Uwais Al-Qarni set off takes his first steps with a feeling very emotion.
The war was over and the Prophet's return to Medina. At home, the Prophet asked Aisha ra about those who seek it. The Prophet said that the Uwais Al-Qarni obedient son to his mother, are the inhabitants of the sky. Hearing the words of the Prophet, Aisha ra and friends stunned. According to the Siti Aisyah ra, it is true there are looking for the Prophet and immediately return back to Yemen, because his mother is old and sick that he can not leave his mother for too long. Prophet Muhammad continued his statement about Uwais Al-Qarni, the inhabitants of the heavens, to his friends, "If you want to see him, notice he has a white mark amid talapak hand."
After that he considered it to Ali and Umar and said, "one day when you meet him, ask for prayer and istighfarnya, he is the inhabitants of heaven, not the earth."
As time changed, and the Prophet then died. Caliphate of Abu Bakr has been replaced also by Umar bin Khatab. One time, the Caliph Umar reminded of the saying of the Prophet of Uwais Al-Qarni, the starry hosts. He immediately recalled the Prophet said to his friend Ali ibn Abi Talib. Since then every caravan that came from Yemen, Caliph Umar and Ali always inquire about Uwais Al Qarni, the fakir who do not have anything that, which works only sheep and camels every day? Why Caliph Umar and the Companions of the Prophet, Ali, always ask him?
The delegation caliph of Yemen to the Sham and go, carrying their wares. Once, Uwais Al-Qarni participate with them. The caliph entourage arrived in the city of Medina. Seeing no caliph new group coming from Yemen, immediately Caliph Umar and Ali came to them and asked if Uwais Al-Qarni participate with them. Caravan said that Uwais Al-Qarni was with them, he was keeping camels in the border town. Hearing the answer, Caliph Umar and Ali immediately went to meet Uwais Al-Qarni.
Arriving at the camp where Uwais was, Caliph Umar and Ali saluted. But apparently Uwais were praying. After ending the prayer with greetings, Uwais replied regards the caliphate of Umar and Ali as he approached the Prophet's companions and held out his hand for a handshake. When shaking hands, Caliph Umar immediately turned Uwais hand, to prove the truth of the white mark on the palm of the hand Uwais, as has been said by the Prophet. It is true! Appeared white marks on the palms Uwais Al-Qarni.
Uwais Al-Qarni's face seemed to glow. It is true as saying of the Prophet that he was the starry hosts. Caliph Umar and Ali asked for his name, and answered, "Abdullah." Hearing Uwais, they laughed and said, "We are also Abdullah, the servant of God. But who's your real name? "Uwais said," My name is Uwais Al-Qarni. "
In their conversation, it transpired that the Uwais Al-Qarni's mother had died. That's why he can only participate in the entourage of the caravan at the time. Finally, Caliph Umar and Ali begged Uwais recited prayers and seek forgiveness for them. Uwais reluctant and he said to the Caliph, "I was the one who should ask for prayers to you."Hearing the words Uwais, the caliph said, "We came here to pray with and seek forgiveness from you." As the Prophet before his death. Due to the insistence of the two friends, Uwais Al-Qarni finally raised his hands, prayed and read seek forgiveness. After the Caliph Umar promised to donate money to the state of Uwais Baitul Mal for his bail. Soon Uwais dismissed with said, "I ask that today only a servant known. For the days that followed, let's servant indigent people do not know anymore. "
When the phenomenon of Uwais Al-Qarni DeathA few years later, Uwais Al-Qarni passed away to Rahmatullah. Strangely, when he will be washed, suddenly many people are scrambling to bathe. And when taken to the bedside for shrouded, there were already some people waiting for mengkafaninya. Similarly, when people go about to dig his grave, there was already some people who dug the grave to finish. When the stretcher was brought to the cemetery, an incredible number of people scrambling to carried him.
Death of Uwais Al-Qarni has been appallingly people of Yemen. Lots of things happen very surprising. So many people who do not know came in to take care of the remains and funeral, when Uwais Al-Qarni is a fakir who ignored people. Since he washed up when the body was about to be lowered into the grave, there will always be people who are ready to do beforehand.
Yemeni city residents were stunned. They were wondering, "O thou who the Uwais Al-Qarni? Uwais is not known to us, just a fakir, who did not have anything, the workaday just as a shepherd of sheep and camels? But, when the day wafatmu, you electrify the Yemeni population with the presence of foreign men that we'd never know. They come in numbers so much. Presumably they are the angels who descended to earth, just to take care of the corpse and the funeral. "
News of the death Uwais Al-Qarni and idiosyncrasies that occur when a death has spread everywhere. Only then did the Yemeni population know, who exactly Uwais Al-Qarni. During this time no one knows who actually Uwais Al-Qarni as demand Uwais Al-Qarni itself to the Caliph Umar and Ali, so secretive about him. It was only on the day he died they heard as it has been accepted in those sayings by the Prophet, that the Uwais Al-Qarni is the starry hosts.
Source: "The story is taken from the book The Story '20 Friends and Thabiin 'Qibla essay published Ummuthoriq el khanzo."Subhanallah

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