Minggu, 25 September 2016

The Value of a Used Clothing

He is black, was born in the slums of Brooklyn, New York, he went through life full dlm poor neighborhoods and discrimination.
One day his father gave him a piece of used clothing,"You think, BRP value of this outfit?"
He replied, "Probably USD 1."
"Could be sold for $ 2?If successful, it means you have to help my father and mother. "
"I will try it."
Then he took the clothes to the subway station and sell for more than six hours, he managed to sell $ 2 and ran home.
Later, his father returned kpdnya handed over a piece of used clothing,"Try you sell for $ 20?"
"How could it be?This outfit is the most just USD 2. "
His father said, "Why are you ill try it first?"
Finally, he got the idea. He enlisted the help of his cousin to describe a funny Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse a rogue on the clothing. He then sold it in school children of the rich, and the behavior of USD 25.
His father returned to give him a piece of used clothing,"Are you able to sell it with the price of $ 200?"
This time he accepted without the slightest doubt, incidentally popular film actress "Charlie's Angels", Farrah Fawcett was in New York, after the press conference, he broke through the security guard and asked Farrah Fawcett signing the clothing mark. Then sold $ 1,500.
Later that night, his father asked,"My son, three strands of experience selling these clothes, what do you understand?"
He replied, "As long as we want to think there must be a way."
His father shook his head,"You morbidly wrong!But I do not mean the father, the father just wanted to tell you that a piece of used clothing which is worth one dollar can also be increased in value.Moreover, we as human beings?Perhaps we are dark-skinned and poor, but what's the difference? "
Since then, he studied with harder and harder to undergo training, twenty years later, his name is famous worldwide.

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