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10 Thousand to Make You Understand How Thankful

There was a friend of his story. He named Budiman. That afternoon he accompanied his wife and a daughter monthly household shopping needs in a supermarket. After paying, their arms loaded with plastic grocery bags.Recently they came out of the supermarket, Budiman wife was approached by a beggar woman who was with a little daughter. The beggar woman Budiman said to my wife, "Give alms, Mom!"
Budiman wife then opened his wallet and he handed me a sheet of paper money amounted to 1000 rupees. The beggar woman proceeds to accept it. Know when the amount is not sufficient, then he pursed his fingers pointing to his mouth. Then the beggar was holding her head and once again he directed terkuncup fingers in her mouth, as if he wanted to say, "I and my son had not eaten in days, please give usAdditional alms in order to buy food! "
Find cue beggar woman, the wife Budiman also replied gesturing with his hand motion as if to say, "No ... no, I'm not going to add alms for you!"Ironically though not add alms, his wife and daughter Budiman instead heading to a fried food cart to buy snacks. On the same occasion Budiman walking toward the ATM center to check account balances. When it was payday, hence Budiman wants to check her account balance.
In front of the ATM, he insert the card into the machine. He immediately press the button INFORMATION BALANCE. A moment later appeared several digit numbers that make Budiman little smile of his mouth. Yes, money hired servants have entered into the account.Budiman interesting amount of money in a matter of millions from ATMs. Fractional hundreds of thousands of red are now crowding his wallet. Then there is one red bills as well, but this time is worth 10 thousand that he withdraw from your wallet. The money was then he was folding small to share with a beggar woman who had asked for additional alms.
When the woman beggar look at the value for money received, how overjoyed she was. He also say thanks to God and thanking sentences Budiman with sincerity: "Thank God ... Thank God ... Thank God ... Thank you sir! May God give sustenance doubled to master and family. May God give happiness born and the mind to master and family. given the gift of harmonious family, mawaddah wa rahmah. Housekeeping harmonious and children pious and shalehah. May the lord and family were also given a respectable position in heaven one day later ...! "Budiman never thought he would hear the response was so touching. Budiman thought that the beggar was only going to say thank you all. However, what was said by the beggar woman had indeed made Budiman amazed and speechless. Moreover, when again he heard the woman say to her little girl, "Brother, Thank God we can finally eat too ....!"Deggg ... !!! Hearts Budiman tergedor by so fast. Apparently the woman was really wish additional alms that she and her daughter could eat. A moment later Budiman eyes followed the departure of two of them were running across the road and went into a stall tegal to eat there.
Budiman still speechless and stunned in place. Until his wife and daughter back again and both greet Budiman. Budiman eyes now began glazed and his wife is aware of it. "What's the matter, sir?" She asked.
With a voice that is a bit heavy and stammered Budiman explained: "I just added alms to the woman as much as 10 thousand rupiah!"
Budiman wife initially hardly disagree when Budiman said that he gave additional alms to a beggar woman. However Budiman then finish the sentence:"Mom ... I give alms to him that much. When you receive it, his utter hamdalah many times while thanking God. Not only that, he prayed for me, pray for yourself, children and our families. Panjaaaang once he prayed!
He just received a gift from Allah by 10 thousand alone was so incredibly grateful. Though I previously saw at the ATM when I check the balance and it turns out there is no amount that may be hundreds or even thousands of times more than 10 thousand rupiah. When viewing the balance, I just nodded and smiled. I'm thankful forgotten, and I forgot to say hamdalah.
Bu ..., I'm ashamed to God! He received only 10 thousand so grateful to God and thank him for me. If so, who deserve to go to the Garden of God, if he were to receive 10 thousand with tremendous gratitude, or was I who receive more than that amount, but I did not utter the slightest hamdalah. "
Budiman end a sentence with a halting voice and a few grains of tears dripping. His wife also became weak after realizing how far lack of gratitude as a servant. O Allah, forgive us thy servants are often negligent for all the blessings Thy

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