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Rumi and The drink bottle

One night, Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi, Shams Tabrizi invited to his home. The Murshid Syamsuddin also accepted the invitation and came to the residence of Maulana. After all the dinner dishes ready, Shams said to Rumi;

"Can you provide me a drink?". (Which meant: wine / khamr)

Maulana surprised to hear, " you also drink? '.
"Yes," replied shams.

Maulana was still shocked, "sorry, I do not know this".

"Now you know. So be sure to allow ".

"At night like this, where I can get the wine?".

"Tell one of your assistant to buy".

"My honor in the presence of helpers will be lost".

"Then, you did go out to buy a drink".

"The whole town knows me. How can I go out to buy a drink? ".

"If you were my student, you must provide what I want. Without drinking, tonight I will not eat, will not talk, and could not sleep. "

Because the love of Shams, Maulana finally wear his cloak, hiding a bottle behind the cloak and walked toward the settlement of the Christians.

Until before he entered into the settlements, no one thought of all kinds against him, but as soon as he entered the settlement Christians, some people were surprised and ended up following him from behind.

They saw Rumi go into a wine shop. He looks to fill bottles of drinks later he again hid behind the cloak and went out.

After that he was closely followed by those whose numbers multiply. Up came Maulana in front of the mosque where he became a priest for the city.

Suddenly one of those who followed him was shouting; "Yes ayyuhan unlucky, Sheikh Jalaluddin that every day the prayer so you just go to the township Christians and buy drinks !!!".

The man said that as he uncovers Maulana robes. Audiences saw the bottle held Maulana. "Anyone who claims to be an expert ascetic and his followers you have purchased wine and take home !!!", adding that the broadcasts.

People take turns spitting in the face of Maulana and beat him to the existing turban on his head stepped down to the neck.

Rumi saw only silent without defense, people are increasingly convinced that they had been deceived by the lies Rumi about asceticism and piety he teaches. They are not sorry again for Rumi continue to beat until some are planning to kill him.

Suddenly, a voice of Shams Tabrizi; "O people of the shameless. You have been accused alim and faqih with allegations of drinking wine, know that it's in the bottle it is vinegar for food ingredients. Someone from them was evasive;

"This is not vinegar, this wine". Shams took the bottle and opened the lid. He dribbled the contents of the bottle in the hands of people in order to kiss her. They were surprised because it's in the bottle was indeed vinegar. They beat their heads and knelt at the foot of Maulana. They jostled to apologize and kiss the hands of Maulana until slowly they go one by one.

Rumi said to Shams, "Tonight you made me fall in big trouble until I have dishonored themselves and my good name. What does all this mean?".

"In order for you to understand that you are proud of the prestige that this is just wishful thinking. You think the respect of ordinary people like they have something that is permanent? And you see, just because of a perceived only one bottle was gone and all the respect they so spit on, beat your head and nearly killed. This is the pride that you've been fighting and eventually disappear in a moment.

Then rely on that is not deterred by the time and was not broken by the changing times.

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