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This story will make you Shame If Ever Quarrel or Scolding mother

This story will make you Shame If Ever Quarrel or Scolding mother

Inspiration fictitious story "The quarrel Mother and Child". At this time inspiring story will give you a fictional story about the fight of a mother with her daughter. Here is the story.
One day there was a boy who quarreled with his mother, the quarrel started when the mother advised her son, but his son was troubled by his mother's advice, finally there was a quarrel between the two mouths. The contention made him instantly go out and leave the mother at home. The weather at the time it was very hot, after walking quite a distance he thought for a moment to take shelter under a tree that is quite shady. Near the shade trees are chicken noodle shops, His stomach is starting to feel hungry but she had realized that she did not bring money. He wants to buy a bowl of chicken noodle soup but because he had no money, he was silent while occasionally staring at the store while holding hunger.
Own Shop The Good Heart

Unknowingly mother of the shop owner to see behavior that children are often looked at her stall, clutching his stomach. Then the shop owner approached the child. "My boy's mother noticed you seemed to frequently see towards the tavern mother. Do you want to eat chicken noodle shop mother? "Said the proprietor.
"Yeah mom, my stomach did a little feel hungry, but I do not have money to buy chicken noodles in the tavern mother," the boy replied.
"Oh, so that's why you continue to pay attention to the tavern mother.  Lets go  to shop mom mom will love the chicken noodle bowl ", - said the proprietor.
"But I do not have the money to pay for the chicken noodle mother", replied the boy
"Now you need not worry, Mom sincere really", says returning the mother.
Finally the child is eating chicken noodle giving the proprietor. But suddenly the boy incubate tears. "Why are you crying, son?" Asked the proprietor.
"Not what - what a mom, I'm just touched by the kindness of the mother, because the mother is not who - who I am, but was willing to give a bowl of chicken noodle soup free of charge against me, while my own mother today just had a fight with me, and he let me go and he does not care if this time I have not eaten and did not bring money "said the child.
Listening to the child's mother was silent for a moment tavern and interrupts the breath, and then he approached the child and swipeds the shoulder and said:
"Son, why do you think that? I'm just giving you a bowl of chicken noodle course, but you're so moved, and said I was very good, and very different from the mother. Try now that you think about, I'm just giving you a bowl of chicken noodle soup, while the mother was cooking rice, and various other things for you to eat, of since you were born till now and all of it was provided for free so that you can grow healthy today, why do people always feed you every day for free instead you say no good, why would I the only one to give you a bowl of chicken noodle soup you said very well. Supposedly people shall you say excellent is your mother. He contain you , he who had you, he who suckle , he is bathed, he who nursed from small to at the moment, he who gives body and soul to raise and take care of you, now go home child then apologize was him, because he people who should you say is very good. Go home and be thankful to him "
Heard the advice of the shop owners son was silent, a few moments later she was crying. "How perfidious me to my mother, I was never concerned with what ever he gave to me, how sinful I" said the child.
"Thank you mom already gave me a bowl of chicken noodle, excuse me home" added the child.
The child immediately walked quickly toward his home, after arriving in front of the house, it turns out the mother was standing right in front of the door.
Instantly the mother immediately called his son, "Son you from anywhere, the mother worried at you, I'm sorry Mom? Well, because it had been scolding you, Mom also see your wallet there in chair your room, you definitely do not eat, Come on son entered, Mother had prepared eat for you, "says the mother.

Listening to the mother, the Son could not contain his tears and ran and fell at her feet. "I'm sorry ma'am, I have been insubordinate to the mother, I never appreciated what was already the mother gave to me, I'm sorry ma'am. This I was never grateful, I did not realize that all this time I have the best mother in the world. I will not repeat it again bu, I would always listen to your advice, I love you. "Said the child.

Do not Forget the Good Parent

Sometimes we forget and ignore the kindness and compassion that was so great from our parents, even we often get angry and fight with them at the moment we are advised by them and often we compare our parents with others, and consider others better than people our parents when we were given something to others, but what is given by another person will not be able to emulate the kindness and love of our parents.
Believe me, when our parents advised us that because they want the best for us. There is no love that can be given others towards us exceed our parents, do not ever forget or fight against them. Because they're the ones who really genuinely love and love yourself unconditionally.

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