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Acts of the Motivator Bodied Incomplete

In this world a lot of people complaining with the life they lead, many who are ungrateful to what is owned by him. Many people who already have a complete body (own hands, nose, legs, eyes, mouth and ears) but still not satisfied, because they think that he is right now is not good and made them less confident and can interfere with their success , They do everything possible so their bodies become what they want, even many who do plastic surgery so she can change their bodies. Those who do this are those who have never grateful with what is already owned by it. While many in this world who are not as fortunate as them. Many in this world are living with limb incomplete, but they can still be grateful for their lives. Even many of those who now become a success in spite of the flaws they have. Although at first they were often mocked and considered a strange stature, but they are actually able to prove to the world that the limitations of their bodies will never be able to limit their success. The following will give some stories motivator who was not complete.

Claudio Vieira de Oliveira
The story of one motivator that provides evidence that everyone can have the same opportunity. Claudio Vieira is a true gentleman who was initially considered strange because he had a body with the composition of the body that are not normal but she has proven that she can live independently. He has a head upside down and made himself look very strange and creepy, but her condition did not make him desperate, with its passion for life he was able to finish his studies to become an accountant. With its zest for life he has inspired many people, and now he often gives motivational speeches and-many people in various countries.
Nick Vujicic
nick vujicicTerkena a rare disorder called tetra-amelia syndrome has made Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs. having a body that does not have the hands and feet have made nick looks strange and often fun fun of by others. But the limitations of the body does not make a nick shy and withdrawn, in fact he has a high motivation to
against such limitations. with the spirit he was able to develop his talents in many ways, one of which is to become a writer. This time he became a pastor, best-selling author (Life Without Limbs) and be a motivator.

Theresa M Lucas
theresa m lucasSaat born, Theresa's parents have been told that his little girl will not be able to walk and do things independently. However, parents Theresa never give up in order to make his son a normal life sepert other children. Therasa may eventually grow large and can run normally, but his hands are not like the typical teenager hand. Although he had flaws in his hands, it does not make him moody and withdrawn, with the spirit of haven he keep doing various activities such as the youth in general, namely camping, playing kickball and adventurous. Disadvantages owned by Theresa did not deter the spirit of Theresa in performing daily life, even though he can not use his hands to normal, he is now a professional watercolor painter. He did not paint with his hands but with his mouth. he has proved to the world, the lack of which he had not preclude life. In addition to being painting this time he also became a motivator in the foundation for people with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita which is led by him.
Kaisa Leka
kaisa leka Story the next motivator is Kaisa Leka, He is a graphic designer, comic artist and politician Finland. At first she was living with a body normaly, but he suffered an accident and caused his legs to be amputated. Result has no legs many see him as a strange person. But the strange sight of others towards him does not make him give up and shut down, in fact it with the spirit of learning to walk again using a prosthetic leg. Not only that, Leka also started cycling again, even she later toured around the world use the bicycle with her husband. With his hard work he managed to get the title of Finland's Cyclist of the Year.
Kevin Michael Connolly
kevin michael connoly
born world without legs is an ordeal that has befallen Kevin Connolly. Because of this, many make the people always looked at him strange, but it does not make Connoly feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. Instead he seize the moment when people were staring at her with such oddities. He raised his camera, and he captures the facial expressions of everyone who has looked at him. And now Now Connolly has become a great professional photographer.
That's some story of the motivators that despite having no limbs were complete but they could prove that the condition of the body is not a reason for people to feel shy and introvert, they have proved to the condition of a body like that, they can still reach their dreams and live like a normal person, even can be a motivator and inspired many people, including people who have a complete limb. They taught us all, that we can achieve anything if we try our dreams and strive to achieve the dream.

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