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We Will Become What We Believe

 At this time we will share a story titled we will become what we believe, before entering to would like to ask all visitors  reading this article. I want to ask is "Do you want to be?". For all friends readers, who want to share information about their future goals or desires you, can you share in the yard comment on this post.

Now let's get to the story. One day, there was an eagle's nest on the slopes of the hill, on the nest, there are 5 eggs eagle being in broodby its mother. But one day there has been a small earthquake that occurred on the hillside, it causes one egg or one of the bouncing eggs from the nest and fell rolling down. The egg is strong enough that it does not break when rolled down, when to roll down Fortunately, these eggs instead entered into a chicken cage. Inside the cage there is a hen incubating her eggs. Seeing no nearby hen's egg was actually thought that the egg is one of the eggs his chickens, so he put the egg and egg brood it along with her other eggs.

A few days later one by one egg hatched eggs brood by the mother hen. Among children newly hatched chickens there is a different tail among other chicks children. One of the tails is an albatross that has been separated from its mother during her with still an egg and then he brood by a hen. We he was born in a family environment chicken. Soon the little eagle, grew up with other chicks. And the Eagles meager believe that he was a chick. He also loved the cage and a hen, however, there is no other desire in his heart.

Small falcon that, at one time, saw great eagles that were flapping beautiful wings in the sky. He was admired by their valor.

"I wish I could fly like a bird the bird." - He said, staring at the sky.

Listening to the eagle, chicks children laughing and teasing the small falcon that.

"Hahaha .. you do not dream to fly like them, you were a chicken, and the chicken will not be able to fly like a bird that bird!" - Said the chicks.

Child chickens are kept laughing at the little eagle, but the eagle was still staring at the sky looking at the awe bird hawk flying with stout.

Every day the small falcon that continued to look at and see the birds eagle in flight with stout, and he kept wishing I wish to be able to soar like a bird the bird, but each day also she is always teased by family chicken.

Because every day he is always in taunted by children as well as in the counsel chicks by the hen that he was only a chicken that could not fly to make the child a small falcon became pessimistic about these dreams. With so many taunts and advice he often listened to make eagle the stop and forget his dreams and live like ordinary chicken. After a long time he lived in misery into a chicken hawk little left to learn the dead.

Do not Give Up To Become What We Believe

The story above is a fictional story, of the story at least there are some things we can learn and take the lesson to our lives about the importance of having a dream and never give up and keep trying to believe that our dream will be come true if we try to strive to reach our dreams , From the above story also we can see, If only if a small falcon that believes what he envisioned it (fly high), of course he will be able to realize his dream and soar like her original family. But he did not dare to believe that he was able to realize his dream just by hearing boos from the chicken family.

Indeed, we can not choose who gave birth to us, and when we live in the family what a newborn. but should we believe that, when we are born in this world, we are born in a state the same as other babies. When others could be something that they dream of course, we also can realize our dreams as well. Sometimes it when we have a dream and want to try to realize our dreams, always people who belittle our dreams and to think that we would not be able consummate our dreams.

We become what we believe and we dream if we want to try and work hard for the dream consummate. Do not be afraid of failure do not fear the insults of others, as long as it does not harm others, do and grasping the one dream that we believe that we are able to do so, because the dream can be realized is a dream that we believe that we can make it happen.

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